2 Scores of Facets of
Dr Lall's Dental Specialities
Friendly, Understanding
& Caring Team
At Dr Lall's Dental Specialities we treat our patients as THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. We have a strong - work - family - atmosphere.
Evaluation of treatment already done, if any Understanding after examination, what has been done in the past.
24/7 Dental
Reach us by phone,WhatsApp or email
You can call us with your dental EMERGENCY outside of clinic operating hours, on holidays or weekends. We will be there for you, at the time of your need and take proper care of the problem.
Initial Examination
& Consultation
Our patients compliment us, on the level of detail we go through, to get all the facts about a particular case. All this is done so that we can provide quality oral care for your unique case. Many patients tell us that at other clinics they felt ‘rushed’ and that they did not understand what was actually happening. We generally allow a 20 min consultation window for an each initial consultation. As it allows enough time for you to tell us about your teeth and concerns.
Jaw Joint Examination We don’t only check your teeth but also the gums, tongue and facial structure. In addition, we also examine the jaw joint to make sure it does not click or pop in a way that can indicate damage. This will help us to evaluate your bite.
Facial & Chewing Muscles Examination Grinding and clenching happens in an unconscious state, without people realising. Muscle overuse makes it bigger. Bigger chewing muscles could mean that you are grinding and/or clenching and this could lead to early teeth failure as well as joint problems.
Examination of Secondary Muscles of Chewing
(often associated with atypical headaches & neck pain)
Once your main chewing muscles are operating at more than optimal efficiency, the body remodels other muscles located around your temples, forehead,scalp and neck to work in unison. Now, all these muscles can act as a pulley system and work synergistically to increase forces to the teeth or to your spine causing various kinds of atypical pain.
Soft Tissue Exam & Oral Cancer Screening All soft tissue areas are criticially evaluated for any kind of infections in the mouth which would also include cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions, at every visit. Early detection of mouth cancer can be lifesaving and lead to longetivity of life.
Gums Examination Gums are foundations for healthy teeth and are often neglected. We carefully check for inflammation and infection. Plaque (Microbial) accumulation around the gums causes gingivitis (gum disease) and general health issues such as heart disease,strokes, diabetes and pneumonia. In pregnant women it has been linked to low birth weight for newborns. Gum disease is a silent disease and majority of the times it is a painless disease. By the time patients realise it is too late as teeth have become too loose to salvage them. One of our specialists at Dr Lall's Dental Specialities, is a postgraduate in Gum related diseases. (Periodontist)
Evaluation / Documentation of Decay of Teeth Years of clinical experience combined with training helps us evaluate dental decay at the inital levels. Thus preventing teeth from decay, enabling restoration and not progressing to root canal treatments.(RCT)
Evaluation / Documentation of Missing Teeth Evaluation of missing teeth from various critical positions so as to avoid collapse of the bite. Missing teeth are like stress bearing walls, missing in a building - these could cause to excessively wear out, crack or split.
Evaluation / Documentation of Crossbites of Teeth Teeth in the upper jaw sit over the teeth in the lower jaw. Any discrepany needs to be thoroughly evaluated and explained. Non treatment of cross bite could lead to progressive deterioration of teeth and jaws joints.
Evaluation / Documentation of Crowding of teeth Crowding is the haphazard alignment of teeth overlapping one another can lead to consistent, improper cleaning, bleeding and bone loss. Generally treatment at any age is possible besides increases the longetivity of teeth and the jaws.
Tooth Colour Assessment Evaluation of tooth colour (whiteness) helps us to determine if a patient has had any history of trauma, staining or decay. Early treatment increases the lifespan of the teeth and their appearance.(whiteness)
Cracks Evaluation Any cracks in the teeth structure can lead to severe pain and tooth loss in the future. Cracks in teeth are similar to cracks in a mobile phone screen. Treatment at an early stage helps.
Examination and Noting of Heavily Filled Teeth Teeth with more than 50 % filling material and less tooth structure are very prone to fracture. Such teeth should be covered with ONLAYS.
Digital X Rays & Photos With digital x-rays we reduce radiation exposure to minimal levels. Digital photos & images allow us to investigate in greater detail. Thus improving our diagnosis of cracks, decay and breakdown of older fillings, before they become an E M E R G E N C Y.
Explanation of problems in Patients Language We use language that is understood by the patient rather than technical / medical / dental jargaon. Languages we transact at the Dr Lall's Dental Specialities:English, Hindi, Kannada, Nepalese & Punjabi.
Options given for treatment available Over the last two decades, there have been vast improvements in technology. Dental practitioners at Dr Lall's Dental Specialities keep themselves abreast with modern techniques by attending Continuing Dental Education(CDE) Programs so we can give our patients more options for treatment depending on what they can afford. The pros and cons of every option are explained.
Payment and fees discussed openly During consultation, your dental practitioner from Dr Lall's Dental Specialities will explain the approximate fees of all the options so there are no surprises, most of the times.
Braces provided at
Dr Lall's Dental Specialities
We have a Consultant Orthodontist on panel, at Dr Lall's Dental Specialities, who looks after the needs of patients - children, teenagers and adults, who require any kind of orthodontic treatment.
Sedation Dentistry We like to be very gentle and caring during the dental treatment however, incase you prefer to be sedated during your treatment, we have that option as well. We can organise for an anaesthetist to be present during your appointment so you can sleep through your treatment.
Entertainment (TV & Music) available for dental treatment Watch a movie during your dental treatment using an overhead projector. Please let us know your choice of a movie/ TV show while you book your appointment if you wish to have this so we can make the necessary arrangements.
Noise Cancelling headphones available during dental treatment
Incase the sound of drills irritate you!
At Dr Lall's Dental Specialities, we have the most modern noise cancelling earphones for your auditory comfort. They block out the majority of the dental equipment noise which enables you to relax and listen to music of your choice.
Sanitized Pillows available during treatment Our dental chairs are modern & comfortable. In case you need extra comfort, we could provide you with sanitized extra pillows.

No pressure to choose
Expensive Treatment Options
We respect your decisions, as long you as you totally understand the pros and cons of each option. You could always choose an expensive and a longer lasting option at a later date.
Tooth coloured fillings or Gold used only (No mercury fillings) At Dr Lall's Dental Specialities we use only tooth coloured material or Gold. This is because silver or amalgam fillings crack teeth and cause other issues. We don’t use those fillings anymore as we have much better materials that protect and preserve teeth.
Removal of Silver Amalgam (Mercury) Fillings Safely Procedures and equipment like high volume evacuators, rubber dam and water shield allows us to remove mercury fillings safely.
Fillings placed under rubber dam These are proven to provide restoration with better bond strength and less contamination. Thus will last longer and be more comfortable.
Antibacterial Chlorhexidine placed on cavity area Hospitals use antibacterial chlorhexidine for surgeons to scrub their hands before surgery. Before procedure mouth wash with chlorhexidine reduces the microbial count and increases the lifespan of teeth and fillings.
Less Pain Causing Injection Agents (Spray or Gel used before the actual injection) 20 % anaesthetic gel or spray is applied on the gums as it helps to numb the gums. You will hardly notice an injection! Many patients don’t believe us when we tell them that injection is already done .
Only Finest & Accredited Dental Labs used We use Labs that have reliability and excellent back up so that in case of a problem we can go back to them with ease and speed.
Follow Up Appointments Pre-booking To make things easy, at Dr Lall's Dental Specialities, we will prebook your next appointment, even if it is six months ahead. Closer to the date, we will send you a reminder on phone and/or whatsapp or email.
No touch cross infection technique We take cleanliness and sterilisation very seriously for the utmost safety of our patients. We follow strict infection control procedures at Dr Lall's Dental Specialities. The ‘no touch’ cross infection technique ensures no spread of germs from one person to the next. We take extra steps and undergo special training for this.
Clean Air flow in the Operatory Unidirectional Air-flow & Negative Pressure in the clinic operatory with approximately 10 air exchanges per hour ensures you are in an E X T R A - S A F E zone for your dental treatment.
Our Practice Accreditations Our Doctors are Fellows and Members of Professional Bodies in India & Worldwide.They utilize best practices learnt at Dr Lall's Dental Specialities.
Organise appointments with specialists Dr Lall's Dental Specialities has a panel of specialists visiting for expert care of patients. For convenience of patients, we do refer other specialists / consultants in other cities, states and countries.
Understanding Prescriptions At Dr Lall's Dental Specialities our prescriptions are type-written to ensure legibility to all our patients. If you find it difficult to undestand a prescription, we will help explain it to you how and when to have your medicinces. Please bring the prescription along with you during your appointment.
Second Opinion We would be happy to provide a second opinion on your dental treatment. Please let us know in advance while making an appointment. We would request you to carry all old X-rays, OPG's and diagnostic test results with you. Getting a second opinion can help you feel more confident about your diagnosis & dental treatment plan. Maybe you need another expert at Dr Lall’s Dental Specialities to validate the treatment. We exhort you to make informed decisions only after you have been thoroughly informed about your diagnosis, prognosis and available treatment options.
Differently Abled Patients
Wheelchair available
Home Visits
Wheelchair is available for differently-abled patients. For differently-abled patients, appointments may be scheduled for home visits Kindly speak to us, for scheduling an appointment:+91 999 014 2085